Mehdi El-Aquil

“Born in the Kent in the UK, I started recording and making music in the late 80’s with my brother.

Starting with a four-track cassette recorder, a sampler (Commodore Amiga), Juno 6 and a drum machine,
my setup and the technology in the studio always evolved over the years with sequencing, midi and computers, as I continued to make music over the years.
Aided by the use of a Modular synth I’ve embarked on recording most of the parts live in a single take, allowing for the moment to be captured.” -Mehdi

Synth-heavy dub/abstract beats tracks from an Australian-based UK DJ-veteran Mehdi El-Aquil, famous for his Codesa rotary mixers. Abstract modular rhythms, trippy Voyager basslines, warmth of analog drum-machines – Mehdi’s NSWR release “Perpetual Systems” is all about that.


[NSW012] Mehdi El-Aquil – Perpetual Systems (tape/digital), 2019

Virus Installer

Virus Installer is the electronic music project of Andrew Gilholme from Wollongong, NSW. The Virus Installer project covers multiple genres which have branched from morning psytrance to melodic IDM, 70s space prog to experimental and with his latest release an all modular bleak, eerie and dystopian IDM.


[NSW011] Virus Installer – Dystopian Vacation (digital), 2019

Sydney City Electronic Music Ensemble

shadowy SCHEME delicately interweaves six modular synthesizers in unexpected ways. The improvised ritual at times evokes vast and lost dimensions, EVP, and psychic drift; while at other times the instruments themselves seem to communicate with an inscrutable machinic telepathy. This is a recording that exists just outside of the known, resonating into the world through oblique angles.


[NSW008] S.C.H.E.M.E- Occult Space Jazz(digital), 2018


Hiraeth is the new project from Rory Robinson, best known for his work under the guise of Satori. This project aims to defy genre boundaries, drawing influence from a life immersed in sound from all angles.


[NSW002] Hiraeth – Experiments (digital), 2018


unknownfunction is the name under which Australian-born Adam Dunn explores beat-driven ambient/melodic structures.
Works rely on deep textured repetitive, almost mechanical, drum parts piercing through a melodic web of hardware and modular synthesis.


[NSW003] Unknownfunction – Error of Truth (digital), 2018


Allinaire makes electronic music and video using eurorack, Serge, Buchla & LZX modular synthesisers, as well as vintage gear, drum machines, modified and custom built equipment.

He writes, produces and performs music live in Sydney. Currently exploring a more abstract and experimental music form where time signatures are variously straight, off-kilter and occasionally shredded and granular.

Allinaire also performed as Cobramatic, MaXMod and Cobracasino.


[NSW005] Allinaire – “Heiro” (digital), 2018


Seapelt is the moniker of Byron Bay down-tempo electronica artist Josh Bassett. His music explores the lines between digital and analog, a space where the human signal blurs with the natural environment.

Incorporating elements of IDM with minimised electronica, modern classical, and ambient – his tracks evoke a sense of nostalgia for the lost sounds of decades past.


[NSW004] Seapelt – “Astrolabe” (digital), 2018

[NSW009] Seapelt – “HIDdEN” (digital), 2018

Mr. Rachele

Adrian Rachele, the person behine mr.Rachele is based in melbourne. His music is a meditation on industrial past and post-industrial future. A beautiful amalgamation of genres, Mr. Rachele sounds are minimalistic and immersive.

He works with modular synthesizers, hardware drum machines, and sequencers.


[NSW006] MR. RACHELE “Mr. Rachele” (digital)

Mike E River

Mike E River was not born into a musical family, but his hometown of Hastings, the “most musically sophisticated town in the UK”, provided a solid foundation for his ever-evolving, eclectic sound.

His first release on vinyl was in 1998 on a London based indie label, Later residing in Bristol (famously home to Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky, among many more) further influenced and refined his musical vision.

Preferring to keep you off balance, River never lets the listener become too comfortable. Drawing you near with hypnotic, intimate beats before breaking you down, hurling you back into the fray – breathless, disorientated, hungry for more. Expansive, intelligent, wickedly immersive.


[NSW007] Mike E River “The Mountain” (digital)